How To Use Cartridges

1. Unpackage and prime – remove the cartridge from its packaging and take off the white rubber covers on either end. There should be one on the cover on the base of the cart and one on the mouthpiece. Before attaching your cartridge to your battery, prime your cartridge by inhaling from the mouthpiece 5-8 times. This pulls air through the chamber and into your mouth without creating vapor.


2. Connect the cartridge to the battery – the bottom of every cartridge is threaded and designed to screw into a 510 threaded battery. Tighten the cartridge to the battery until you feel slight resistance. Do not overtighten. Turn on the battery. Every battery has different features to turn on the device, however, most require 5 quick, repetitive clicks of the power button. Adjust the heat settings on your battery. For best results, the heat should stay between 2.8 -3.2v.


3. Preheat your cartridge – If your battery has a preheat option, preheat your cartridge with the battery attached. Most batteries that have a preheat function are activated by pressing the power button 2-3 times.


4. Take a puff- To use the cartridge, place the mouthpiece on your lips like using a straw. Press the power button and inhale at the same time for 1-3 seconds. If you have a draw-activated battery, you should be able to inhale freely without pushing a button. To preserve the lifespan of the cartridge, try to keep each puff under 3 seconds. Take as many puffs as needed to feel the desired effects.


5. After Use- Follow each use with a light “dry hit” by inhaling for several seconds without applying heat. This allows the cartridge to clear out lingering vapor that may condense the walls leading to clogging.