What To Do If your Cartridge Is Clogged



1. Make sure to always store your cartridges upright. Avoid leaving your cartridge in extreme temperatures like a hot or cold car. We recommend storing your cartridges at room temperature, away from excessive heat or light.


2. When using your cartridge, take even light hits. If you inhale too hard, the hot oil may pull past the coil and into the airway causing clogs. 3-4 seconds of inhaling is a proper length of time to prevent clogging.


3. After exhaling the hit, go back and suck out the remaining vapors without applying heat. This prevents condensation of the oil on the cartridge airways and delays clogs.

If your Cartridge is Clogged...


If you go to inhale your cartridge, and it’s not working this can be very frustrating. However, this is completely normal. The substance inside your cartridge has a very thick and sticky consistency. When heat is applied to your cartridge (while vaping your cart), the oil becomes thinner and then once the cartridge has cooled, the oil thickens thus causing clogging. There are a few simple solutions to the problem.

1. Try to take a few puffs without pressing the fire button. If you have a draw-activated battery, be sure to remove the cartridge from the battery before puffing. Keep puffing until you feel/hear a “pop” which is the sound of the cartridge becoming unclogged.

2. Pre-Heat your cartridge. Most cartridge batteries should have a pre-heat feature. This will warm up the cartridge, thinning the oil allowing the product to work efficiently. If your battery does not have a pre-heat feature, you can press the fire button on your device without “puffing/sucking” a couple of times. You will want to repeat this process for about 1-3 seconds to warm up the oil inside of your cartridge.

3. If there is a clog within the mouthpiece of your cartridge, we recommend taking a paperclip and inserting it all the way down the airway of the mouthpiece, and swirling the walls to remove debris or thickened oil from the mouthpiece.


Other Reasons Your Cartridge May Not Be Working


1. Your battery may be dead, be sure to charge your battery regularly before use.


2. The contact on the cartridge may not be connecting with the contact on the battery. This can be due to the contact being coated or clogged at the bottom of the cartridge or the contact on the battery. If this occurs, wipe the contact with a q-tip soaked in rubbing alcohol, let the terminal dry, and then reconnect your cartridge. 


3. Your cartridge may be connected too tight. 

If The Oil Tastes Burnt...


Your voltage on the cartridge may be too high. If you have an adjustable temperature battery, try setting your temperature control to a lower setting.